weight loss tips beginners

9 Tips to Start Your Weight Loss Regimen If You Are Overweight

Find out how to start your weight loss journey the right way, especially if you are overweight, with these simple tips.
high blood pressure treatment yoga

4 Yoga Poses That Can Help Lower Your High Blood Pressure

Combining breathing exercises, asanas, and meditation, yoga can help lower your blood pressure.

Can Hormone Imbalance Be the Cause of Hypertension?

Stress is not the only cause of hypertension. Your hormones could be contributing in hidden ways too.
weight loss exercise swimming

What Makes Swimming a Great Workout Option for People Wanting To Lose Weight

Overweight and looking for a way to lose weight without injuring yourself? Here’s why swimming is the sport for you.

Don’t Worry! Taking Insulin Is Normal in Diabetes Management

Misconceptions discourage you from following the right course of action or cause you to believe that you are not dedicated enough towards managing your diabetes.
high cholesterol cardiovascular diseases

Cholesterol and Cardiovascular Disease – What You Need to Know

If your doctor has warned you about the dangers of a high cholesterol reading, here’s why you need to pay attention to his warning.

Navratri Special Healthy Recipes: Apple Kheer

Kheer & apples - a combination you can't go wrong with!

Navratri Special Healthy Recipes: Moong Dal Laddoo

Laddoos for every season - especially these healthy ones!

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