Benefits of vegan diet in managing dyslipidemia

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet in Managing Dyslipidemia

Abnormal levels of cholesterol in the blood can predispose an individual to heart diseases and heart attack. Read on to know how you can manage your cholesterol levels with a vegan diet.
Does diabetes affect sex life

Complications In Sex Life Due to Diabetes

Keep your blood sugar in control to maintain a healthy sex life.
Control your blood pressure today to prevent dementia in future

Control Your Blood Pressure Today to Prevent Dementia in the Future

Hypertension, if not controlled, may cause vascular dementia in the later part of your life.
Can gut bacteria cause heart failure

Can Gut Microbes Cause Heart Failure?

A change in the composition of the microbes living inside your gut is a significant concern in heart failure.
Pregnancy induced hypertension

What Is Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension?

Pregnancy-induced hypertension is a less-known but serious complication that occurs during pregnancy.
Inadequate sleep causes weight gain

How does Lack of Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

There are various reasons as to why inadequate sleep may cause you to gain weight. Sleep is as important as diet and exercise in preventing weight gain.
Best time to take high blood pressure medicine

Is There a Best Time to Take Medicine for High Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure medications work better if taken at bedtime, reducing the risk of heart disease and related complications.
Managing diabetes with AIDS

World AIDS Day Special: Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is a serious concern associated with HIV. Learn what increases the risk of diabetes in people living with HIV and the basic steps for its prevention.

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