Palakh saag with Tofu

Palak ka saag with Tofu

Palak ka saag with Tofu

The connect between Cholesterol and CVD

It is common knowledge today that cholesterol levels and underlying heart risks are connected. Here’s a brief about the hows and whys of it.

Tallying BMI against your Health and Heart

Don’t go behind the weight-loss fad every time it pops up. Check your BMI, that will directly lead you to the heart of the matter. After all, the optimal BMI indicates your condition is optimal as well! Want to know how to work this out? Read on…

Water pills for the heart!

Of the many strategies your healthcare team can work with for managing heart failure, Diuretics or Water pills can help reduce blood pressure while treating for heart failure at the same time! Read on to know more.

Nature’s fruits for a healthy heart and body!

We tend to assume that all fruits and vegetables are healthy for our body. But sometimes, what’s usually considered healthy may not be so for you if you have certain health conditions. Here are some things that you should know…

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