Obesity and Menstruation

Does Obesity Affect Our Menstrual Cycle?

Women with obesity are prone to issues pertaining to menstrual health. It is important to understand body weight and its contribution to gynaecological health to know how to manage yourself better.
Diabetic neuropathy

How Can Diabetes Affect Your Walking Ability?

All neuropathies are not the same, so knowing about them can help you prevent them. Diabetic neuropathy can go a long way beyond just affecting your ability to walk if not taken care of in time.
obesity and bone health

How Does Obesity Affect Your Bone Health?

Are you obese? Obesity may harm your bones and being obese can lead to weak bones.
Everything about blood pressure

All You Need to Know about Blood Pressure

Wondering what those blood pressure readings mean? Learn to understand your blood pressure readings.
Hight blood pressure and eyesight

Does High Blood Pressure Damage Your Eyesight?

High blood pressure can cause harm to your eyesight; control your blood pressure and protect your health and eyesight.
Symptoms of congestive heart failure

Monitor the Symptoms of Congestive Heart Failure

Signs and symptoms of congestive heart failure may worsen over time; save your heart by seeking prompt medical advice.
Diabetes and Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s – “Diabetes of the Brain”

The link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s continues to grow stronger. What does it mean?

What’s Gluten Sensitivity?

Among the many diet trends in the world of healthy eating, gluten is a fairly new entrant. You must have seen the word pop up on many menus and restaurant fronts - ‘Now serving gluten-free desserts!’. But what about the science behind it?

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