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The most favourite festival of the year is here and we are all geared up to celebrate it in the most pompous way possible. Obviously who does not? I bet by now you must have done your Diwali shopping, bought the gifts, decorated the house, planned family visits etc. With immense love and fun with family we often indulge in the special delicacies of Diwali like laddoos, mithai, chakli, chivda etc and not to forget the fireworks too. Amidst the festive fever, a little indulgence here and there seems nearly harmless and safe. However, overindulgence is something to be worried about. Also, too much of smoke and dust from the fireworks may add to the worry. So, a little bit of precaution could bring some more shine to the festival of lights.

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Here’s a few things you need to take care to celebrate your Diwali safely,

  • Go easy on ghee laden sweets, savouries made with maida, instead opt for dry fruits like pistas and raisins, dates and almonds.
  • Avoid aerated drinks or canned juices rather try to have/serve nimbu pani or coconut water or kokum sharbat.
  • When you give gifts to family/friends, swap the traditional Indian sweets, which are high in sugar and fat with dried fruits and nuts. You can even try to gift an elderly a health check up coupon instead of a box of sweets.
  • Wear a mask in case you have any lung condition or breathing problems. A mask can help you filter the dust and the smoke around.
  • Don’t eat too late at night. In case the dinner is late, try to avoid dessert and choose a light meal and small portion if it is made with ghee or is deep fried.
  • Keep your medicines and a bottle of water handy if you are travelling.
  • Be a responsible citizen by lighting diyas instead of bursting crackers.

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