Noise and Hypertension

Can Noise Affect Blood Pressure?

Understanding and managing the noise levels around you is essential because high levels of continuous noise can lead to high blood pressure and several related ailments.
Managing hypertension in winter

Does Hypertension Worsen in Winter?

Cold weather can cause hypertension to aggravate. It is important to understand the risks involved and how it can be managed.
Poor sleep and ischaemic heart disease

Poor Sleep: A Possible Risk Factor For Ischaemic Heart Disease

Poor sleeping habits can increase the risk of ischaemic heart disease.
Pediatric Dyslipidemia

Identify the Risks of Cholesterol in Children

Early screening for dyslipidaemia i.e. abnormal lipid levels, in children and adolescents, can prevent cardiovascular events in future.
Avocado diet

Avocado – Does It Really Help in People With Diabetes?

Avocado is a wonder fruit that has multiple health benefits, including control and management of diabetes.
Vegan diet and heart disease

Say Yes to Vegan Diet; No to Ischaemic Heart Disease

Following a vegan diet is shown to markedly lower the risk of ischaemic heart disease. Protect your heart by choosing a vegan diet.
Type 2 diabetes and dementia

Type 2 Diabetes: A Risk Factor for Dementia

People with type-2 diabetes are at a high risk of developing dementia at a later age.
Lifestyle changes and dyslipidemia

Make Small Lifestyle Changes to Control Cholesterol

Negative lifestyle behaviours can be a significant cause of abnormal lipid levels; making lifestyle modifications can help you control dyslipidaemia or high cholesterol.
Weight training and heart disease

Is Weight Training Safe for Those with Heart Disease?

Weight training is safe and beneficial in heart disease. Improve your heart health with a well-organised weight training programme.
Arthritis and Type 2 Diabetes

Can Type 2 Diabetes Cause Arthritis?

Type 2 diabetes and arthritis are conditions that occur independently, but also may have a correlation, especially in those with advancing age.