Type 2 diabetes management

Are Skinny People at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

Lean diabetes or type 2 diabetes is observed among people who are thin and can prove to be a silent killer. Because many people do not understand or expect to have type 2 diabetes, knowing and understanding its nature becomes extremely essential.
Ketoacidosis and Diabetes

Ketoacidosis: A Life-Threatening Complication in Diabetes

Ketoacidosis is an acute and serious complication of diabetes and needs prompt treatment. Proper control of blood glucose levels can help you prevent ketoacidosis in diabetes.
Diabetes Myths You Should NOT Believe

Diabetes Myths You Should NOT Believe

When it comes to diabetes care, here's what you should and should not believe.
Unhealthy habits for diabetes

Are You Mistaking These 7 Unhealthy Habits as Healthy?

If avoiding carbs or using artificial sweeteners is your way of managing diabetes, then read this now.
Micronutrients in hypertension and diabetes

The Importance of Micronutrients in Hypertension and Diabetes

Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals that the body requires in small amounts for adequate functioning. In fact, just trace amounts of these nutrients pack the right punch.
Does diabetes affect sex life

Complications In Sex Life Due to Diabetes

Keep your blood sugar in control to maintain a healthy sex life.
Managing diabetes with AIDS

World AIDS Day Special: Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes is a serious concern associated with HIV. Learn what increases the risk of diabetes in people living with HIV and the basic steps for its prevention.
diabetes and mental health

How Does Diabetes Affect My Mental Health?

Diabetes and mental health are interconnected, with both influencing each other in multiple ways. Taking care of your mental health is as important as controlling blood sugar for successful management of diabetes.
How do diabetes medicines work

Understanding Diabetes Medicines: How Do They Work?

Medicines for diabetes act in different ways to meet the common end goal – lowering blood sugar. Here’s a summary of how various diabetes medicines work in managing your blood sugar levels.
Tips for diabetics to manage stress at work

8 Tips for Diabetics to Manage Stress at Work

Did you know that stress is a contributing factor to increasing sugar levels? Here are some practical workplace stress management tips to keep your diabetes under control.