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Eating These 7 Foods Can Actually Reduce Your Cholesterol Levels

Add a little fibre to your daily meals and stop your cholesterol levels from getting out of hand.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Ragi Vegetable Uttappam

Make your traditional uttapam healthier with this ingredient.
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Can Fish Oils Help Manage High Cholesterol?

Fish oils may help you lower your cholesterol and triglycerides when taken regularly.

Low Cholesterol and Gut-friendly Recipe: Oatmeal Yogurt Bowl

A chilled oats breakfast for the savoury palate.
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4 Exercises to Stay Physically Fit Even When it is Raining

Turn those lazy rainy days into guilt-free active days by following these simple home exercises.
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Simple Yoga and Breathing Exercises to Help You Lose Weight

Weight loss is difficult. But small changes to your lifestyle can help you attain your desired goal.
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Here’s How Eating the Right Fats Can Help You Manage Your...

Eating the right kind of fats can help you fight cholesterol. Find out what these are.
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Welcome These 4 Herbs and Spices in Your Kitchen This Monsoon

Make these herbs and spices an integral part of your everyday routine, and they will see you through the monsoon hale and healthy.
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Stay Away From These Seven Sinful Foods When Losing Weight

In your life, you’ve got best friends, good friends and acquaintances. Similarly, in your weight-loss program, you’ve got some foods that you can eat...
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An Expert Guide to Eating Your Favourite Foods & Still Losing...

Who says losing weight requires giving up your favourite foods?