Manage dyslipidemia with HIV

Managing Dyslipidaemia in Individuals With HIV

The use of antiretroviral drugs in patients with HIV may result in metabolic changes such as dyslipidaemia. While the link between the use of antiretroviral drugs and dyslipidaemia continues to remain a debatable topic, it is not easy to manage the health and comfort of patients with HIV and dyslipidaemia.
Eat colourful

The Importance Of Colourful and Diverse Foods in Good Health

Colourful food is rich in a variety of nutrients. A variety of foods with different colours can help in managing conditions such as dyslipidaemia.

How Soluble Dietary Fibres Can Help You Beat Cholesterol

When your laboratory tests show high cholesterol levels, the first thought in your mind is, “do I need to take medicines now?”. Let’s talk about one way that can l help you lower your cholesterol and avoid the need for medicines.

High Cholesterol: A major challenge during pregnancy

Dyslipidaemia is a condition that may put you and your foetus at risk. Regular check-up, diet and safe medications can help you in having a safe pregnancy.

Assessing the safety and risks around Statin use

Several different medicines are available for patients with high cholesterol. Statins are commonly used medicines for the treatment of high cholesterol. There is plenty of discussion and debate surrounding the safety and complications of taking statins; however, it seems that the benefits are far greater than the risks.
Red yeast rice good for dyslipidemia

Red Yeast Rice – A Superfood for Dyslipidemia

Red yeast rice may be used along with diet and exercise to control cholesterol levels, as per the advice of your doctor.
Benefits of vegan diet in managing dyslipidemia

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet in Managing Dyslipidemia

Abnormal levels of cholesterol in the blood can predispose an individual to heart diseases and heart attack. Read on to know how you can manage your cholesterol levels with a vegan diet.
Low cholesterol desserts

Low-Fat Dessert Recipes to Beat High Cholesterol

  The festive season is that time of the year when all you want to do is cosy up in the warmth of your home...

Soybeans to lower your cholesterol

Did you know soybeans can actually lower your cholesterol levels? Here are some ways you can include them in your diet.

These 5 Essential Oils Can Help in Weight Loss

Here’s how essential oils can help you lose weight!