Type 2 diabetes management

Are Skinny People at Risk of Type 2 Diabetes?

Lean diabetes or type 2 diabetes is observed among people who are thin and can prove to be a silent killer. Because many people do not understand or expect to have type 2 diabetes, knowing and understanding its nature becomes extremely essential.
Ketoacidosis and Diabetes

Ketoacidosis: A Life-Threatening Complication in Diabetes

Ketoacidosis is an acute and serious complication of diabetes and needs prompt treatment. Proper control of blood glucose levels can help you prevent ketoacidosis in diabetes.
Diabetes Myths You Should NOT Believe

Diabetes Myths You Should NOT Believe

When it comes to diabetes care, here's what you should and should not believe.
Meat choices for hypertension and diabetes

Choose Your Meat Correctly To Live Healthy

The right choice of meat can provide you with the essential nutrition without causing any harmful effects even if you have hypertension or diabetes.

Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes — Understanding The Relationship

Hypertension and type 2 diabetes can cause several complications in patients if these conditions are not managed properly. However, there are simple ways to keep them in check and stay in good health.
Unhealthy habits for diabetes

Are You Mistaking These 7 Unhealthy Habits as Healthy?

If avoiding carbs or using artificial sweeteners is your way of managing diabetes, then read this now.

Control your Diabetes now to avoid Chronic Kidney Disease in the...

Chronic kidney disease is a common complication of chronic diabetes. It might result in kidney failure and serious complications if it isn’t managed in time.
Micronutrients in hypertension and diabetes

The Importance of Micronutrients in Hypertension and Diabetes

Micronutrients include vitamins and minerals that the body requires in small amounts for adequate functioning. In fact, just trace amounts of these nutrients pack the right punch.
Ketoacidosis and diabetes

Demystifying Type 1 Diabetes

Dealing with type 1 diabetes in your child is not easy; however, changing your lifestyle to manage this condition can help you lead a more productive and healthy life.
Does diabetes affect sex life

Complications In Sex Life Due to Diabetes

Keep your blood sugar in control to maintain a healthy sex life.