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Let’s face it, we all have our one weakness. The smell of melted cheese on pizzas, soft, the crumbly texture of pastries, crunchy samosas… These are the main culprits behind why maintaining a healthy diet is a huge challenge. And there comes a day when all hell breaks loose — that one day where you cannot keep yourself from gorging a buttery pav bhaji or munching on your favourite packet of chips.
It may seem like a test of your self-control. Do you hang onto your strict diet or indulge in a high carb food?
A popular argument is whether it is worth satisfying your taste buds after working so hard. Well, the good news is – it is!  No one expects you to be perfect all the time. Indian culture is seeped in celebrating the small pleasures of life by treating ourselves to irresistible delicacies. Before you start celebrating every little thing, ask yourself one question – how much is too much?
We quizzed our Diabetes Care Expert Jayashree Salian at Wellthy Therapeutics to get you all the answers. She says, treating yourself once in a while is very necessary as you have to reward yourself for the hard work you have been putting in.

Here’s a list of what TO DO and what NOT TO DO if you have to cheat.

                             Do’s                            Don’ts
Have a cheat “meal”.Don’t have a cheat “day”.
Plan your cheat meal.Don’t indulge in high carb foods if not planned.
Try and make your cheat meal as healthy as possible.Don’t starve yourself the entire day to balance your cheat meal.
Find better swaps for your cheat meal.Don’t ignore your cravings.
Make sure you indulge in physical activity to burn those extra calories.Do not take long breaks from your physical activity.

How often can you enjoy a cheat meal?

La Rochefoucauld wisely quoted “To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”  

The trick is to play by the rules. Weekends are usually the time when we catch up with friends and family. These come with situations where you eat out. It could be the best time to satiate and savour the food we like at times like these. It helps one de-stress in the company of good family and friends.

What is the best time to pick the right cheat?

It is hard to define the best time as these plans are made up spontaneously. But one can still aim to ensure cheat meals take place before 6 pm. Post 6 pm, our physical activity is reduced, and therefore food takes longer to digest. So, it is better to make lunch plans rather than dinner.

What are the foods that you can enjoy?

  • Pav bhaji – 1 plate with 2 extra pavs
  • Pizza slices – 2
  • Samosa – 1
  • Vada pav – 1
  • Medu vada – 2 pieces with sambar
  • Dahi vada – 2
  • Onion pakoras – 5
  • Kachori – 1
  • Pani puri – 1 plate with the sprout filling
  • Chicken wings – 2 boneless pieces
  • Chicken nuggets – 4 pieces
  • Noodles – 1 small packet


  • Squeezed rasgulla – 2 pieces
  • Ice cream – 1 scoop
  • Gulab jamun – 2 pieces
  • Jalebi – 2 pieces
  • Doughnut – 1
  • Puddings – 1 cup
  • Cupcake – 1

Here are some diabetes-friendly, mouth-watering desserts you can try at home.

Tips that you need to remember

  1. Cheating should be an option only once a week and in the correct “Portion Size”. Otherwise, you are putting yourself in danger of not getting the results you expect. Think about all the work you put in to get here.  
  2. When cheating, it’s best to pick one day out of the week to eat whatever you want for one meal within reason.
  3. Remember, it is not a stuffing session. For instance, a slice of pizza with regular soda and then a serving of ice cream is a good cheat meal as opposed to 4 pizza slices, chased down with a gallon of soda and ice cream.
  4. One of the simple rules that you should follow is to remember portion control. Drink more water before a cheat meal and try to avoid 2 cheat meals in the same week.

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