Diabetes friendly Christmas cake
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Expert-reviewed by Ashwini S.Kanade, Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator with 17 years of experience

It’s holiday time and you are surrounded by loads of tempting food and desserts, especially cakes. It becomes quite difficult to stop yourself from trying some. What can be better than cake, right? Well, how about a Healthy cake!

While you give in to the temptation that is cake, ensure that you don’t compromise on your health. Here are some tips on making your Christmas cake more healthy, so you enjoy the taste but with lesser calories.


Cakes are usually made out of Maida (also known as all-purpose or plain flour). To make a healthier cake, replace half the quantity of Maida with Whole Wheat Flour, which will lower chances of weight gain and add healthy nutrients to your cake. You can also search online for recipes that show how to use only Whole Wheat Flour for baking cakes.

Learn how to make your atta (flour) diabetes-friendly.


When making fruit cake, add fruit juice to it along with the pieces of fresh and dried fruit. Juice is also a good option instead of adding alcohol. Avoid using canned juices and use freshly squeezed juice instead. Fresh fruit juice has no added sugars or preservatives and is loaded with vitamins.


Diabetes friendly Christmas cake


A little oil is a must in cakes to make them moist and spongy. So instead of using only regular oil, go for the half and half approach. Use half regular oil and half olive oil for the total oil quantity required in your recipe.


Christmas cake is usually served with custard or ice cream; both of which are loaded with sugar and calories. Serve your cake with natural fruit-filled yoghurt as this will keep it low sugar and still delicious!


If your cake has icing on it, you’re better off just skipping it. Place colourful fresh fruit pieces on your cake instead … kids will definitely love it and your cake will look perfect for your social media pictures! Here’s a list of fruits that are good for diabetes.

If your Christmas celebrations include alcohol, then do check out our expert tips on how to drink responsibly when you have diabetes.

Do give these tips a try and tell us how they worked. If you have any tips of your own, feel free to add them in the comments. Happy Holidays and Happy Eating!

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