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Diwali is all about mithais that make your mouth water and snacks so delicious they make you skip your dinner! It is also that time of the year when dieting goes out the window for most of us!

Try these mouth-watering diwali mithai recipes that you can indulge in guilt-free!

But if questions like – should I or shouldn’t I eat all those sugar-loaded mithais? Will all these calories make me gain weight? Will I ever get back on track after the festive season? – are lingering in your mind, then read on.

The nutritionists from Wellthy Therapeutics share their secrets to enjoying the Diwali feast, guilt-free!

  1.    Eat slowly: “My best tip is to eat slowly and have fewer servings. This way you will be able to enjoy a wider variety of Diwali sweets without being at the risk of a sugar rush from a particular mithai,” says Sana Saiyed.
  2.    Fill up on snacks: Vrutuja Mone’s favourite hack is to fill up on light meals such as salads, soups, some lightly done vegetables, lentils, milk, yoghurt or nuts before heading out to a party where she knows she will be tempted with “unhealthy” foods. “I also try to eat lightly throughout the day when I know I have to dine out,” she adds.
  3.    Share your sweets: The fastest way to get tempted is to have sweets in the house, believes Ashwini Kanade. Her mantra is to never allow an excess build-up at home. “I gift all the extra mithais that come our way. It is the only way to stop ourselves from gorging on all the deliciousness. ”
  4.    Be mindful of what you choose: “Picking the right sweet or snack at a party is my secret to staying healthy during this time of the year,” says Nandita Murthy. “For instance, I always pick Rasgullas over Gulab Jamuns which are fried and have a higher sugar content. And choose dry fruits over deep fried sweets,” she adds.
  5.    Everything in moderation: Vrutuja strongly advocates taking a break from counting calories during the festive season! “Enjoy your time with your friends and family. But don’t go overboard. Moderation is key! And in between celebrations, try to stay active,” she says.
  6.    Look for low-calorie substitutes: Ashwini shares how she has been reducing calories of homemade sweets for several years now. “Substitute sugar with sugar blends or jaggery and low-fat or fat-free milk with full-fat milk is my trick to low-calorie homemade mithais. ”
  7.    Portion control is a must: “Tight portion control is non-negotiable! That’s that only way I allow myself and family to let go and enjoy the festive feasts where there’s too much to choose from,suggests Nandita.
  8. Lastly, don’t skip your meals: No matter how busy you get socializing with friends, decorating your house or spending time with loved ones, don’t skip your meals. Keep eating small, frequent meals throughout the day. This practice prevents dips in sugar levels and nullifies your urge to gorge on chocolates, laddoos, pedas, and barfis.

So before you head out to your next party, remember a little bit of self-control and exercising are the keys to having a happy and healthy Diwali!

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