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Regular meals can help in maintaining the blood glucose levels in your body. However, a sudden and excessive intake of nutrients can also spike your sugar levels. Hence, it is necessary to space out your meals and eat in small portions at regular intervals. Nutritionist and fitness coach Vedant Jauhari shares his inputs on how regularly people with diabetes must eat.

People with diabetes need to be extra cautious about their diet to manage insulin resistance. The diet must have a good amount of protein and fats, and a lesser amount of carbohydrates. Ideally, you should eat a light meal every two hours. However, if you are unable to manage that, it is advisable to have a minimum of four meals a day. This will help to maintain a regular supply of nutrients.

A wholesome breakfast with a small portion of carbohydrates, followed by a protein-rich lunch and dinner will ensure better management of diabetes.

You should exercise portion control when you eat several meals daily. Using small or saucer-sized plates can help you measure your portions and avoid overeating. This structuring of the diet and the regularity with which you follow it will help reduce many of the vascular risks associated with diabetes. You must also ensure that you try and eat at the same time every day. This will help in proper tracking of blood sugar levels when you measure them at home.

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