how a diet coach can help manage diabetes
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Expert-reviewed by Ashwini S.Kanade, Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator with 17 years of experience

Living with diabetes can be a struggle more often than not. The diet restrictions, the activity levels to maintain, the weight to watch, and the blood sugar levels to manage, it feels like you need to pay unending attention to everything. As if you don’t already have enough things on your mind.

Deadlines at work always sneak up on you and the kids and the in-laws keep you so occupied that you don’t know what free time means anymore. How are you then expected to manage all of this AND your diabetes? It’s too much.

But let me tell you this: What if you didn’t have to do it all on your own? What if someone could take away the burden of the constant attention required by your diabetes? Impossible, you say.

But I say that it is very much possible!

Let me introduce you to the concept of a Diet Coach. They are not just nutritionists; they are much more than that. A Diet Coach is someone who not only sets out the right nutrition plan for you but also stays with you on the journey of your lifestyle change. It’s like a team of two and your diet coach always has your back.

Here are 3 ways in which a diet coach can actually help you hack your diabetes:

1. They constantly motivate you:

We all have a tendency to get lazy, or maybe we are too tired mentally to make efforts. A diet coach will be that voice of conscience who will encourage you on when you feel like giving up. They are with you 100% so that you can stick to the path of healthiness.

Here are some safe exercise tips you must follow while exercising with diabetes.

2. They go beyond just a diet plan:

A diet coach will not just give you the diet plan customised to your needs and diabetes, but they will also guide you with facts and tips for managing your weight and keeping up your activity levels.

They are certified nutritionists and have received additional training specific to managing diabetes. So they will constantly monitor your sugar levels and keep tweaking your diet to match your diabetes. That is the level of personalisation they offer!

They will teach you how to eat right and how to make better food choices. They’ll empower you to learn these skills for life. Check out these awesome expert tips to make your homecooked food diabetes-friendly.

3. They can be your sounding board:

It’s difficult to discuss your diabetes with others because generally, most people don’t understand what it’s like. And they start giving advice on foods and home remedies that 10 other people have already told you. After all, You are the diabetes expert since you’re the one who has it!

But a diet coach will actually understand the struggles you face every day in managing your diabetes. The difficulty in changing your diet, the stress at work or at home, the fatigue that comes just because of having diabetes. A diet coach knows and understands it all and can give you advice that is clinically proven to work.

They are there with you day on day, and can also help you with the right advice at the time of those tricky, tempting events – a wedding, a housewarming party, a picnic.

So, how can you go about finding a diet coach for you? It’s simple. Go to the app store or play store on your phone, and look for a reliable, clinically verified and outcome-driven diabetes care programme. Such a programme when purchased not only assigns you a personal diet coach who will do all of the above, but it will also educate you and teach you behaviours to manage your diabetes that you can implement for permanent life-long changes.

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