Sweet potato better than White potato
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Potatoes are arguably one of the most liked vegetables. Nearly everyone loves them. However, you might have been advised to limit your intake of potatoes, since they are starchy and may cause a dramatic spike in your blood sugar levels. But, our Diabetes Care Expert, Sana Saiyed, recommends including sweet potatoes in your diabetes diet. So, what is it about the sweet potato that gives it an edge over its other, famous cousin? The differentiator is the kind of carbs that are present in it.  

Sweet potatoes are loaded with complex carbs and fibre that not only ensure a slow release of sugar into the bloodstream but also prevent blood sugar fluctuations. Let’s find out why you should add sweet potato to your diabetes diet.

Why should you prefer sweet potatoes?

  • Sweet potatoes are also known as healing foods in traditional diabetes treatments. They contain slow-release carbs and the hormone adiponectin (the hormone released from fat cells which help improve metabolism and insulin regulation). The combination of both – slow release carbs and adiponectin helps keep your blood sugar levels steady.
  • The vitamin C content in sweet potatoes is good for your immunity and it reduces the risk of inflammation in the body.
  • Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin A, iron and beta-carotene. Being an excellent plant-based source of protein, sweet potatoes also make you feel full, thereby helping you shed some pounds and improve insulin sensitivity.  
  • Sweet potatoes also have a low GI score, depending on the way you consume them.

How to include them in your diet:

  • The fibre present in sweet potatoes takes time to break down, which leads to the slow metabolism of sugar, thereby preventing spikes. But, it is also important to maintain portion control.
  • Boil them instead of frying or roasting them. Boiling softens the sweet potato and also increases its digestibility.
  • Keep in mind: When the sweet potato is boiled, the GI drops to 46, which is a low GI; however, when the sweet potato is baked or roasted, the GI increases to 94.
  • You can sprinkle a little chaat masala, red chilli powder or some herbs on it and add a dash of lemon to prepare a delicious sweet potato chaat.

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