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Diabetes can undermine motivation and lead to feelings of helplessness. Managing diabetes can be challenging, especially when the results are not what you want. To further complicate things, your mood and behaviour are affected by the alterations in your blood glucose levels. You may have noticed your impatience and lousy mood when your blood sugar is high. In these situations, dramatising your condition can increase the level of stress, and denying it does not help you control it either.
What if, instead, you focused that stress in a positive direction? Distraction works best to handle emotional situations. And if you engage in positive activities, you will be motivated to form a new healthy habit or fit them in your schedule to make living with diabetes easier.


How about calling a friend you haven’t seen in ages and scheduling a “play date” for the two of you? Arrange a game session at home with a group of friends and play your favourite games or walk into a café and play some board games together. If distance stops you from getting together, there are several fun multiplayer online games that you can play with friends whenever you feel low.


Mindfulness meditation can have a beneficial effect on diabetes, and more importantly on the quality of life. Regular meditation has a positive impact on sleep patterns, stress, anxiety, and thoughts which translate to better emotional well-being with physiological benefits too.

Hot bath:

In addition to providing a pleasant sensation, it allows you to free yourself of mood swings and help you relax. The hot water helps release stress and is perfect before going to sleep[1]. A higher temperature will increase your serotonin levels. Serotonin is the happiness hormone, and it is essential for the regulation of mood, secret desire, appetite, and satiety. Thus, just a hot shower after a tiring day can uplift your mood and energy levels following a mundane day.

Read a good book:

When you read, you do not think about your daily problems, you are transported elsewhere, which decreases your state of anxiety. Your mind is quieter. In addition, if you choose books related to personal development or spiritual books, you will find answers to questions or problems as well as methods to apply them. You relate to the content and find a constructive approach to take control and move forward calmly.

Stroll in the park:

We have all been down that rabbit hole where we start criticizing ourselves, our work, and our relationships. This gets worse when you have the added responsibility of managing a condition like diabetes. This is the time when Vitamin ‘G’ or greenery comes to the rescue. A stroll in the park with a friend or loved one will not only help in uplifting your mood but also help you reach your activity goal for the day. Nature and green spaces have a positive impact on our mental health and emotions. Plug your earphones, play soothing music and soak in the peaceful ambience.  

Play with a pet:

Undeniably, pets can make a difference in your life in multiple ways. They not only keep you active but are the best medium for de-stressing. No wonder, pet therapy exists. So, next time, you experience an emotional low, play with your pet or better – take them for a walk. Their antics will make you laugh, and their unconditional love will keep you cheerful.

What is your favourite way to distract yourself from cravings or a grumpy mood? Share with us in the comments section.


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