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It’s mango season!

Summer is here, and so is the season of gorging on our favourite sweet, tangy, pulpy fruit: mangoes! No matter how old you are, slurping on mangoes is something that everyone enjoys. And while it is advised to stick to fruits instead of guzzling down sweet liquids, summer can be an excuse for you to indulge in some refreshments, once in a while. This healthy version of a mango milkshake is something that you can have guilt-free thrice a week.

Mango milkshake (Serving size: 1 glass)

What you’ll need:

Alphonso mango – 1 slice (6-8 cubes)

Whole milk – 200 ml OR Greek yoghurt – 90 gm (unflavoured)

Ice cubes – 4-6 (optional)

Chia seeds – 2 tsp

Almond and pistachio slices – 1 tsp

Cardamom – As per your taste


  1. Wash the mango and peel it. Cut it lengthwise, and use only one slice for the milkshake.
  2. In a blender, add the chopped cubes of mango, the milk and the ground cardamom.
  3. Blend it until it’s smooth.
  4. Transfer the mixture into a glass and top it with soaked chia seeds, almond and pistachio slices.
  5. You can add ice cubes at this stage if you want your milkshake chilled.
  6. Enjoy your mango milkshake immediately.

What is the nutritional value of this milkshake?

This mango milkshake is rich in vitamin C and protein; not only that the glycemic load of this milkshake is moderate too.

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