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You have definitely heard people tell you that you shouldn’t eat late at night. Believe it or not, calories can’t tell time. Your body will process calories in the same way, no matter what time you eat them. The myth stems from the choices you make to tame your late night hunger pangs. Late night snacks aren’t off limits, but it is important to make wise choices since it adds extra calories, leading to weight gain. And if you’re snacking after a dinner which contained carbs, you may wake up with high blood sugar levels the next day. Our Diabetes Care Expert, Sana Saiyed lists 10 foods that you can eat as a midnight snack.


What is nocturnal hypoglycemia? (And how is it related to mid-night snacking)

Nocturnal hypoglycemia occurs when your blood sugar lowers overnight while you’re asleep. It is not uncommon to sleep through a low blood sugar.
But sleeping through the night while you’re hungry, your blood sugar can drop even lower which can also lead to anxious awakening. Do not, however, eat something which is full of carbs as it will spike your blood sugar levels, causing them to drop low again.

Know how much sleep do people with diabetes need.

Why do you feel hungry at night?

Feeling hungry at midnight or bedtime is a sign of low blood sugar levels; therefore it is important to eat something healthy so that fasting blood sugars don’t rise. Remember that whenever you get late-night hunger pangs, check your blood sugar before you eat anything.

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