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Often, people suffering from diabetes are required to use insulin in order to maintain the level of glucose in their blood. While the prospect of injecting yourself on a regular basis can be quite off-putting, there are significant benefits associated with the hormone, despite the myths surrounding its use. Here are 6 myths about insulin use, busted! 

Myth 1: Being prescribed insulin means I have failed in managing my diabetes 

Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, is a progressive illness, and there comes a point when one’s pancreas is not as responsive to treatment as a physician would prefer. This is when he/she chooses to prescribe insulin; therefore, it is not necessarily a reflection of how you managed your diabetes but because your pancreas is no longer able to keep up with your body’s insulin needs.  

Myth 2: My life will be difficult once I start taking insulin 

Nothing could be further from the truth. As per experts, taking insulin shots not only helps a person suffering from diabetes feel more energetic and positive about their lives, but it also affords them a lot more flexibility in their schedules. Yes, eating right and taking your insulin shots at the prescribed hour does require some planning, but it’s simply a matter of making minor adjustments. If possible, speak to your doctor about ways to plan your meals and activities appropriately

Myth 3: Insulin results in weight gain

Insulin helps your body use energy from food more efficiently and, therefore, may result in marginal weight gain. That being said, managing your weight efficiently is a corner-stone of diabetes management that will help negate excessive weight gain.  

Myth 4: Insulin use leads to complications and even death

The belief that insulin use has drastic, and even life-threatening consequences, is quite a common myth that comes from seeing what has happened to past family members or friends. In fact, insulin use reduces the risk of complications for anyone suffering from uncontrolled diabetes. 

Myth 5: Insulin is addictive 

By its very nature, insulin cannot be addictive as it is something your body requires to function. The belief that insulin can be addictive is completely unfounded

Myth 6: Insulin is a last-resort treatment 

It is a common belief that insulin is a mode of treatment used by people with very advanced and serious diabetes. But, as per experts, the prescription of insulin is only pushed to the later stages of diabetes management due to a patient’s reluctance to use it. That being said, a large number of physicians are now using it earlier in the disease’s progression in order to slow down or prevent diabetes-related complications. 


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