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You may know at least one or two people in your family or your friends’ circle that have diabetes. And you may know several more who do not even know that they have diabetes! Diabetes is truly an epidemic and dealing with it is far from easy.

Apart from medications and diet changes, it requires a rigour in lifestyle to get complete control over diabetes. You need to manage your weight, start having an active lifestyle and engage in regular self-monitoring of blood sugar.  This sudden modification to your daily life can be difficult to deal with and can feel overwhelming. Your first guide is always your doctor. However, self-management is also a big ask when it comes to diabetes.

What you need is a support system and guide that can help you transition to the lifestyle demands of diabetes, without feeling like you are losing yourself. Something you can access whenever you want and that will always be available to give you guidance, feedback, and information.

We introduce to you The Wellthy Diabetes App. This app contains a 16-week structured intervention program to manage diabetes, which has been clinically proven to improve users’ results by bringing about healthy lifestyle and behaviour changes.

The programme starts off by introducing you to all the basic concepts and relevant information that accompany a life with diabetes, such as the types of blood glucose measurement tests and essential food groups. After you are well-versed in the basics, the programme educates you on the benefits of healthy habits as well as how to make changes to your life to adopt a healthier style of living. All of this happens at a reasonable pace to allow you to make the changes incrementally instead of having to deal with drastic or immediate change recommendations.

By the end of the 16 weeks, the incremental changes will have led to bigger holistic lifestyle changes; and you finish the programme with reduced HbA1c levels, decreased weight, higher stamina, and better eating habits.

You will have unlimited access to a Personal Diabetes Expert, whom we call a Health Coach, who will interact with you daily and give you guidance, feedback and motivation. Along with technology, we have an unbeatable care team equipped to help you manage diabetes.

What’s more, the Wellthy Diabetes App is the only one-of-its-kind to receive approval from RSSDI as a doctor-prescribable therapeutic intervention. If you want to reverse your diabetes, don’t deliberate anymore. Wellthy Diabetes is the intervention you need!

So get started, click here to sign up for the Wellthy Diabetes intervention and live a happy, healthy and Wellthy life.

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