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You surely remember eating Jamuns in your childhood, not that you liked its taste or knew its health benefits. You loved the purple tongue it gave you, isn’t it?

You must’ve noticed Jamun making an appearance on the shop shelves again, in forms like juice, chips, powder and even honey.  One of the many reasons for this is the fact that it works to reduce blood sugar levels. (1)

Does Jamun really help in diabetes?

Since the 1960’s, several studies on animals have shown that Jamun (both fruits and seeds) has promising activity as an anti-diabetic. (2)In the Indian context, a 2011 study conducted in Mangalore, Karnataka, showed that consumption of Jamun seed powder reduces fasting blood sugar levels. (3)

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How does Jamun work?

Jamun seeds contain substances called jambosine and jamboline. Both these are believed to slow down the process of converting starch into sugar. This means there are lesser chances of a sudden spike in blood sugar levels when the starch in your food is metabolised.

Type 2 diabetics have low levels of insulin available to act on blood glucose; this could be because either the production of insulin in the pancreas is low, or due to a very fast degradation of the insulin that has been produced. Jamun seeds ensure a greater availability of insulin by either increasing its secretion or preventing it from degrading fast. (4)

How can you use Jamun as a remedy for diabetes?

Though juices, chips and raw Jamun fruits are available, the clinically-proven way to use it is in the form of powder. The Mangalore study found that consuming about 10 grams of Jamun seed powder orally every day helps to reduce fasting blood glucose. Jamun seed powder is commercially available and you could use two teaspoons of it to get a dose of 10 grams.

You could prepare your own Jamun seed powder at home by drying the seeds in the sun and then powdering them. You can even use the Jamun pulp to prepare milkshakes or healthy desserts.

Are there any side effects?

There is no credible information available about the safety of Jamun in pregnancy; hence it is best avoided if you are pregnant. Also, since the effects of Jamun on blood sugar levels can be variable, it is advisable to stop consuming it about a fortnight before any scheduled surgery. (5)

While Jamun is a relatively safe herbal remedy in diabetes, one cannot predict accurately how much of a blood sugar-reducing effect it will have. So, it’s best that you speak to your doctor before you start consuming either the fruit or the seed powder regularly. Ask for signs of hypoglycemia to watch out for so that if you ever suffer those symptoms, you know what to do.


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