Eggplant recipe to control cholesterol
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High blood cholesterol is a condition that occurs due to a considerable increase in the levels of certain fats and lipids in the blood. Unhealthy food choices, the absence of physical activity, a family history of high cholesterol and smoking may increase the cholesterol levels in the blood.[1]

If your blood cholesterol levels are high, your doctor may advise you to opt for a healthy diet.[1] As some animal research studies have shown the cholesterol-lowering effects of eggplant,[2] we will share with you some eggplant recipes that are heart-healthy and may help in reducing cholesterol levels.

What are the health risks of high blood cholesterol?

Two types of lipoproteins, low-density lipoproteins (LDL) aka bad cholesterol and high-density lipoproteins (HDL) aka good cholesterol, are present in the blood.[3] If left untreated, high cholesterol begins to accumulate in the blood vessels as plaque and subsequently narrows the lumen of the blood vessels. The shrinkage of the lumen of the blood vessels affects the blood flow to the heart, further causing chest pain (angina) and increasing the risk of stroke or heart attack.[3]

You may have to undergo a lipid panel test or a blood test to determine the cholesterol levels in your blood.[1] Doctors recommend limiting the trans fat and saturated fat in your diet to lower blood cholesterol.[1]

What is the role of eggplant in lowering cholesterol?

Some animal studies have reported the cholesterol-lowering effects of eggplant, which is a common garden vegetable. It is a low-fat food and is rich in fiber and many other bioactive compounds that have a cholesterol-lowering effect. The presence of saponins (a chemical constituent) in eggplant reportedly lowers the total cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.[2] Tasty recipes containing eggplant can help you make heart-healthy food choices.

Easy bake eggplant with marinara:

The simple cooking instructions of this recipe are as follows:[4]

  • First, a glass baking dish should be moistened with some olive oil and one cubed large eggplant added to it.
  • Thereafter, garlic and onion powder should be mixed with a half cup of low-sodium marinara sauce and added to the baking dish.
  • Subsequently, one-third cup of shredded skimmed mozzarella cheese should be added to the baking dish.
  • The dish is to be baked for 15-20 minutes at 450°F and served hot.

The recipe serves four and has zero trans fat.

Eggplant parmesan sandwiches:

Follow the cooking instructions given below for this delicious low-cholesterol eggplant recipe:[5]

  • In a bowl, one-third cup of dried bread crumbs should be combined with two tablespoons of fat-free, grated parmesan cheese.
  • Four slices of eggplant dipped in egg substitute should be coated with the above mixture.
  • Thereafter, these eggplant slices should be sautéed in a skillet for five minutes over medium heat until they turn brown in colour. Saute the other side and cook until tender.
  • An ounce of cheese should be added over each eggplant slice, and the mixture covered and cooked for three to four minutes until the cheese melts.
  • Two roasted red bell peppers cut into halves should be placed underneath toasted Italian rolls (usually four) and the eggplant and pasta sauce added on the top.

This zero-cholesterol recipe serves four.

Seek assistance from a nutritionist about what you should eat to lower your blood cholesterol. Regular monitoring of cholesterol levels along with the adoption of low cholesterol food and lifestyle modifications can lower the risks of high cholesterol. We hope the eggplant recipes discussed in this article will help you in savoring low cholesterol food that takes care of your elevated blood cholesterol.

Keep a check on your blood cholesterol; opt for low-cholesterol foods!


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