What Is The Right Time To Check Your BP?

Home blood pressure tests are simple, fast, and provide valuable health information.
high blood pressure treatment measurement frequency

How Often Should You Check Your Blood Pressure?

Regularly monitoring your blood pressure at home and recording your readings can help you manage hypertension better.
high blood pressure treatment diet lentils dal

Here’s How Lentils Can Help You Manage High Blood Pressure

In addition to being rich in iron and other minerals, lentils also provide fibre and are a great supplement to controlling weight and hypertension.
low blood sugar insulin

How To Prevent Low Blood Sugar Episodes While Taking Insulin?

Insulin helps bring your blood sugar levels down but that also puts you at risk of a low blood sugar episode. Here's how to prevent it.
water pills diuretics heart failure treatment

Why Is The Doctor Prescribing Water Pills?

Heart failure management requires various strategies; water pills are one of them. Let’s find out more about how they help in treating heart failure.
diet tips heart attack patients

9 Dietary Tips to Quicken Recovery After a Heart Attack

Eating healthy will not only quicken your recovery process but also help you prevent other heart-related complications.
heart care after menopause

Life After Menopause: Taking Care of Your Heart

Menopause is a significant phase of transition for women. Here’s what you need to know about your heart health after menopause.
symptoms heart failure

7 Things You Should Discuss with Your Doctor for a Healthy Heart

Discuss these symptoms with your physician to fight early signs of congestive heart failure.

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