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Here’s How You Can Manage Diabetes-related Osteoarthritis

Uncontrolled diabetes can put you at risk of complications like osteoarthritis. Act now to be safe.
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Sleep Deprivation And Diabetes: Are They Linked?

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World Kidney Day: 7 Tips To Protect Your Kidneys

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6 Tips To Quit Smoking

Smoking is bad for everyone. But here's why people with diabetes especially should quit smoking IMMEDIATELY.
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An Expert Guide For Women Dealing With Diabetes

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Guide On Insulin Therapy For People With Diabetes

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Diabetes Care Expert Tip: Checking Blood Sugar At Home Helps Keep...

A definitive guide for diabetics on how, when and why you should check your blood sugar levels.
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Swollen Feet? It Might Be A Sign Of Diabetes-Related Complications

Don't ignore swelling in your feet, chest pains, digestive problems and other such signs that could indicate serious diabetes-related complications.