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On top of my head, there are a few things I can list that can bring instant happiness. Clear blue skies, a week off from work (one of the best, right?), spending time with your kids, a reassuring hug, and health, too, is what happiness includes.
After all, someone without diabetes must feel more joy than those who have to prick their fingers often, count every last carb and take medication – right?
Well, not necessarily. And while people with complications are more likely to become depressed or stressed, they don’t have to be a Debbie Downer all the time.

What are the simple things that can help you brighten up?

Spend time with people you love: Spending time with your loved ones and those who love you is probably one of the easiest ways to keep your mind away from unwanted thoughts and help your emotional health. Let them know you want them involved in your diabetes management. You can also plan and make lifestyle changes together such as going for a short walk every day, playing with your pet or joining a dance class. Be a team and set small goals that you can reach together. Make sure you address your barriers or complications to them so that it can’t get worse or be ignored.

Diabetes is no excuse to be unhappy: Living with diabetes doesn’t give you the right  to be unhappy. Instead, modifying your diet and lifestyle can help you manage your condition better.

Find and indulge in the activities you enjoy: Be it dancing or gardening, find an activity you enjoy doing. Find someone who can tag along with you. Having someone around will make your activity more fun and help you integrate it in your schedule. It will also help you build relationships and improve your mental health.

Have a cheat meal once in a while: Indulge in the food you love once in a while. Think of it as reward for all the hard work you have been putting in.

Turn your workouts into fun activities or outings: Go on a hike, play a game or two of badminton or any sport that you like, trail a trek etc. Hang out with your family or friends and make your weekend fun and stress-free. You will be aiming two birds with one stone – burning calories and have a day out.

Take steps to manage your diabetes better in most natural of ways: Managing diabetes is really not that challenging as people always make it out to be. If you ensure your food habits are healthy, and you workout regularly, it need not be difficult. Read a book you like, take a stroll in the park, let yourself lose and dance on your favourite song, call a friend over and reminisce the good old times.

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