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Aren’t we always looking up for various exercises or diet regimes just so we can shed some extra weight? Without completely understanding the science behind it, we start off in full steam only to be disappointed a few weeks later. Well, there are 2 things wrong with that; if you don’t like your new diet you are less likely to stick to it, and you need to understand the science behind the diet so you can make thoughtful decisions.
These simple tips from our Diabetes Care Expert, Jayashree Salian, will help you lose weight without compromising on taste.

  1. Limit your sugar intake-  Try avoiding foods and drinks with added sugar and instead opt for healthier options. 

    Here’s why: Added sugar equals to extra calories and risk of spikes in blood sugar. Besides, added sugar is often found in foods with solid fats and loss of nutrients. Opt for coconut water, infused water, dark chocolates, juicy fruits.

  2. Add, don’t subtract – Including protein in your meals is essential when it comes to weight loss.Here’s why: Your body burns calories while it digests. When you consume a high-protein diet, your metabolism is boosted up to 80-100 calories per day. A high-protein diet does not only makes you feel fuller but also reduces your appetite.
  3. Don’t diet, choose healthily – The idea is to have small, frequent meals. Choose unprocessed food with more fibre. Include more protein, veggies (try picking low-carb veggies) and drink water 30 minutes before meals.Here’s why: Processed food is usually high in added sugars, added fats and calories. Make sure you’ve stocked up on healthy snacks, for example, nuts, egg, roasted channa and peanuts, yoghurt, whole fruits, etc.
  4. Do not ignore your cravings – Cutting down on your favourite food is a wise choice but don’t neglect your cravings.Here’s why:Choosing a diet with too many restrictions can cause a bigger slip. It often happens that we try to keep ourselves away from the high-carb and high-fat foods since we are very cautious about what we eat. It takes a lot of self-control to stay away from the foods that are our absolute favourite and to control your craving every time is quite impossible, and you end up having a stuffing session — the after-effects of which could be weight gain, stress, lethargy, demotivation. Therefore, one could instead choose a day in a week to cheat. Also, having a cheat meal is smarter than having a cheat day.
  5. Include fibre- Fiber-rich foods help with weight loss. Especially the ones that contain water-soluble fibre as it helps increase the feeling of fullness.Here’s why: Fibre may delay the emptying of the stomach, expanding the stomach and promoting the release of satiety hormones. Eventually, this makes you eat less.

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