Can You Control Diabetes?

YESMost patients in our programme see dramatic improvements in blood sugar control while reducing or eliminating medications, and experience clinically significant weight loss.

We proved it clinically in our Pilot Program*

glucon46mg/dL**Post Meal Blood Sugar reduction

weight3.4 Kg** Mean Weight Loss

savingSavings of upto Rs.15,000 in
diabetes-related expenses per year**

* Results of participants who completed the pilot.

** Results may vary from person to person.

Introducing our Diabetes Control Program
It works. It's fun!

Dedicated Health Coach

Our Health coaches guide you the program,help you overcome challenges, and answer queries.

Enhanced Doctor Consultations

Receive customized data-driven consultations from your Doctor.

Personalized nutrition plan

Receive a personalized nutrition plan based on your unique dietary preferences.

Reduce blood sugar
on the go

Our easy-to-use mobile application ensures you sail through the care program as per your convenience.

Leading Doctors believe in our methods

A scalable and effective tool like 'Wellthy Diabetes' is now available to every doctor in India to support their efforts and make continual care a reality in India. This is a landmark innovation.

The combined power of Wellthy's Technological prowess backed by RSSDI's cutting edge clinical guidelines will provide our doctors with a powerful tool to achieve better outcomes and happier healthier patients.

Things that a doctor always wanted to do in terms of interaction and education to patients now seems possible and readily available. It may just be the prescription required to help patients manage their day-to-day problems related to diabetes.

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