Red Sauce Pasta
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Pasta is often shunned from weight loss diet plans as it’s demonized as calorific and lacking nutrition. But most of the time it’s the cream based sauces added to the pasta, the real culprit. The total fat and calorie content of these sauces is much higher than those of tomato-based ones. Also the whole-grain pasta is significantly higher in fiber and nutrients than the refined ones and hence more filling. We have added fibre rich oats to the tomato sauce for rich creamy texture and variety of vegetables which further contributes both micronutrients and fiber. 

Pasta consumption doesn’t make you fat, it’s the portion size and its accompaniments we choose, will make a huge difference.

Prep time : 30 mins
Cooking time : 45 mins
Recommended portion Size : 1 serves

Ingredients3 serves
Whole wheat penne pasta 190g, 2 cups
For the Tomato Sauce 
Rolled oats45g, ½ cup
Onions110g, 1 small
Tomatoes – diced 5-6n (medium size)
Bay leaf 1n
basil leaves5n
Spring onions, chopped1 cup
Peppers, yellow½ cup
Peppers. red ½ cup
olive Oil – to sauté 10ml, 2tsp


Cook the whole wheat pasta until al dente (partially cooked) in a large vessel with some salt.

Keep it aside

For Tomato sauce

Cook the tomatoes in a pan. Add 2 cloves of garlic, onion and bay leaf to it. 
Add water, cover and let the tomatoes boil. Then add the oats and simmer for 3-4 mins
Cool and then grind to a puree. 
Now in a separate pan, heat oil and add chopped spring onion (not the greens) and chopped garlic (remaining 1). Add the veggies and cook for 3-4 mins
Add the tomato puree and cook till it reduces to half. 

Did you know? Tomatoes are packed full of the valuable mineral known as chromium which helps diabetics keep their blood sugar levels under better control.

Then add the partially cooked pasta to the tomato sauce and simmer for 2-3 mins.
Add basil leaves and serve hot 

Nutritive value /serve

( kcal)(G)(G)(G)(mg)fiber(g)

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