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Wellness is a state of mind first and foremost.

Nothing is more important than caring for yourself –  mind, body and soul. Without a healthy lifestyle, you cannot possibly find the energy, time and resources to accomplish any goals, however simple.

Diabetes is nothing more than a lifestyle disease

Diabetes can easily be managed to lead a fulfilling existence. But simply maintaining a healthy diet and having moderate activity is not enough. We need to ensure that we’re also taking care of our minds and hearts to achieve the state of balance crucial for good health. And if you manage to do this with focus and determination, even reversing your diabetes is possible!

How do you do it?

With all the chaos and stresses of daily life, it can feel like an uphill task to even think of trying to take on such a huge task. But diabetes is not that difficult to conquer. With a little guidance and support, many people have successfully managed to alter their status from diabetic to non-diabetic and are happy to share their journey with others who wish to do the same. The most crucial element of this healing is to love yourself.

This Valentine’s Day, we assist you to kick-start the ‘Loving yourself’ process with a list of techniques and steps.

Let’s begin your journey to the reversal of diabetes:

  • Meditation

It may seem odd that doing nothing is sometimes the best solution to most of our problems. The art of being still is not one that comes easily to many of us and you may think you don’t have the time or patience for it. But busy people are the ones who need meditation the most.

If you cannot join a course or need help getting started, there are several online resources such as websites, blogs, Facebook pages and even phone apps that offer guided meditation in small chunks. Start with 5 minutes a day of simple breathing while listening to the instructions of a meditation master on how to breathe and pay attention to your body’s responses. Once you start a regular practice, move on to longer sessions and search for specific topics such as Controlling cravings, Better sleep, Stress management, and so on.

For those who simply hate the thought of sitting still, don’t worry! There are even more fun ways to meditate such as dance meditation, the ancient martial art of Tai Chi, spinning (remember doing this as a child?), floating in a suspension tank, and even walking meditation that you can practice anywhere with just your headphones plugged in. Making the time to nourish your entire self from the inside is a huge step towards loving yourself.

  • Sleep

One of the most beautiful gifts of nature is our ability to switch off and fall asleep while our essential systems keep functioning. How wonderful to be able to recover and recharge, and wake up with renewed energy to live another day! Unfortunately, in our busy lives, we tend to push sleep to the bottom of our priority list. Some of the biggest problems in the world today stem simply from a sheer lack of enough rest: high levels of stress, eating disorders, road rage, domestic violence, depression, addictions. And even though the answer is so simple, the number of sleep-challenged people in the world are rising. Studies show that sleep loss and poor quality of sleep might promote the development of obesity and diabetes mellitus, and exacerbate existing endocrine conditions [1].
Practicing meditation and indulging in enough activity during the day can help with this immensely. Good sleep can regulate your appetite and these curbs sugar cravings [2]. Regular, adequate rest is the most loving gift you can present yourself.

  • Yoga

The great thing about yoga is its fantastic ability to help with the first two points. It helps us focus better and be still enough to observe our thoughts, while also gently stretching the body’s limits. There are so many kinds of yoga and schools of yoga philosophy. It doesn’t matter which kind they practice but many people describe it as a sort of meditative activity and report improved sleep beside other overall improvements in their health [3]. Why not pamper yourself this Valentine’s Day and subscribe to a ‘yoga for beginners’ course or a yoga weekend retreat?

  • Emotional Healing

With the basics covered, we feel stronger and more capable of tackling this issue of diabetes that is ravaging our body and peace of mind. While caring for the body with external and internal techniques, we should remember that our emotions also affect and impact us heavily. Meditation and good rest will help you calm down enough to face the feelings that ultimately control our thoughts, words and actions. As we prepare to address them, we keep the following as our goals:

  • Acceptance
  • Forgiveness
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Peace

Having a counsellor or therapist is not a necessity reserved for the mentally ill or a luxury for the rich and famous to indulge in. We all need someone to talk to without being judged, or being afraid of getting our weaknesses exposed and mocked. If you have a religious leader you respect, or an elder in the community, speak with them about issues that are troubling you. There are several support groups too for issues ranging from childhood trauma, abuse of different kinds, addiction, dealing with loss, body image challenges, sexual identity and orientation, gender confusion, etc. Find one that meets your needs and start attending regularly, you will be surprised at how rapidly your health improves. The deeper you travel on this introspection path, you will discover parts of yourself that you will fall in love with all over again. Once this has begun, watch in amazement as your body starts to respond in positive ways. Growing increasingly emotionally balanced also leads to taking better care of your own needs, and managing and ultimately reversing diabetes is now an easily achievable goal.

Trust in yourself

There is no correct order in which you should attempt these steps. Feel free to find your own path to falling in love with yourself and eventually finding freedom from diabetes. Do it at your own pace and in your own time, with confidence. Good health and happiness are waiting for you, we wish you luck on your journey and are here to support you through it.

Feel free to write to us and share your challenges and triumphs. This helps others with diabetes who may be inspired by your progress or might find strength in knowing they are not struggling alone.


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