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Tired of being known as the chubby one amongst your peers? Does shopping stress you out because you can’t find anything that fits you perfectly? Turns out the new easy diet your ultra-fit neighbour recommended isn’t that easy after all? 

Guess what? You’re not alone. 

The prevalence of obesity in South East Asia has gone up from about 11% to 25% from 1980 to 2015.[1] In India alone, over 135 million people are known to struggle with  obesity.[2]

The struggle is real

You  start exercising, but  then stop because it gets tiring. You  start a new diet but stop because controlling your cravings for your favourite but unfortunately unhealthy food becomes  too tedious. Women in their 40s in Singapore say that with all their household work and job responsibilities, they do not have  the luxury of time to maintain a regular exercise routine.[3] Nevertheless, not being able to shed those extra kilos poses drastic risks to your health, like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease and stroke. [2]

But we are making the effort, aren’t we?

You  think you  are buying “healthy” stuff and incorporating physical activity into your routine. However, the results of a survey from April 2018 tell a different story. The study surveyed nearly 400 people in Singapore and found that only up to 25% of the people were aware that they should include fruits and vegetables in their diet or even exercise regularly. To top that, less than 6% of the participants knew the significance of incorporating both things into their routine,  and the recommended amounts of each for a healthy life.[4] This means that most of us aren’t even aware of how to build a healthy lifestyle, let alone fight obesity.

Yoga to the rescue! 

So, what can help? Yoga – something that doesn’t require any specialised equipment, just a little space and as little as 10 minutes of your time every day.

A  group of researchers in the USA monitored body measurements and vitals before and after six  weeks of 8-minute workout sessions and yoga breathing techniques. At the end of the study duration, this group observed a loss of about 5 kg and about 6% reduction in body fat. This particular study may help give us some food for thought about yoga and its benefits.[5] 

Here are a few yoga exercises that you can  do to experience the same benefits yourself. Do discuss any major changes to your lifestyle with your doctor prior to starting a new regimen:

  1. Surya namaskar: The sun salutation is considered to be one of the most important and effective exercises when it comes to weight loss. It affects the endocrine and nervous systems, and corrects your metabolic issues, which could be the cause of obesity.
  2. Pranayama: Breathing exercises can help the body regulate the amount of oxygen it  gets and, therefore, enable you to get tired less easily. Practising pranayamas such as Bhastrika, Kapalabharati and Surya Bhedan can help stimulate metabolism.
  3. Pawan muktasana: For this pose, lie down and take a deep breath. Bring one knee close to your chest, hold it with your hands, and press it down towards your body. Lift your head and touch it to the knee. Continue to breathe slowly and hold the pose for as long as you comfortably can. Repeat the same for the other leg.[6, 7]
  4. Bhujangasana: This asana is also known as the cobra pose. You start by lying down on your stomach. Put your hands below the shoulders. Now, slowly breathe in and lift your torso such that you arch your back and straighten your hands. Hold the pose for a few seconds before  slowly coming back to the original posture.[6, 8]
  5. Setu Bandhasana: Also known as the bridge pose, this asana targets and  stretches the chest, spine, and neck. Start with lying down on your back on the mat, keeping  your hands at your sides. Bring your feet close to the hips, keeping them apart. Now, slowly lift your torso, keeping your weight balanced on the arms, feet, and shoulders. As you do this, remember to inhale. Now finally, roll in your shoulders, and try to bring your chin close to your chest. Hold the pose for a minute or less, and then slowly relax.[6, 9]

These yoga poses not only help with weight loss, but many of them may  help with other health ailments as well. Performing yoga regularly, five  days a week for one  year, along with a balanced diet can bring about a marvellous change in your weight. So, grab your yoga mat and move towards a healthier weight for real.


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