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Kalpana’s* achievement with the Wellthy Care programme: Her HbA1c levels reduced from about 12% to 7%. 

As a dietician, Kalpana knows how crucial the role of nutrition is in achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. How important a balanced diet is for your body to function properly, and to protect itself from illnesses or disease. So, when she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, designing a meal plan to suit her unique nutritional requirements and preferences was not her biggest worry.

She was more concerned about being disciplined and being able to stick to her diabetes self-management routine. Her HbA1c levels were quite high, and she knew she could not afford to become complacent, as that could have potentially disastrous consequences for her health.

Kalpana wanted something that would help her manage her condition in the best way possible, a mechanism that would allow her to comprehensively monitor her blood sugar levels, meals, physical activity, and medication. This is exactly what she gained when she joined the Wellthy Care programme.

“The Wellthy Care programme really helps you manage your diabetes,” she says. “You can record what you ate, what kind of physical activity you did. It also gives you recommendations on what food to eat to bring down your blood sugar levels.”

What Kalpana appreciated the most was that she was regularly in touch with her Health Coach via the app throughout the duration of the programme. This compelled her to be diligent about logging in her data and motivated her to keep up with her diabetes care plan.

“I think that without a health coach, without them pushing you, you don’t get full motivation,” she explains. “They’re an important part of your diabetes management process.” She continues to follow the advice and information she learnt through the Wellthy Care programme and has a very positive outlook on her life.

*Name changed to protect patient privacy.
** Photo for representational purposes only.

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