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Rajendra’s* achievement with the Wellthy Care programme: Rajendra lost about 3 kg.

When Rajendra was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he immediately took steps to control his condition. He cut down his sugar intake and started exercising by going on walks as regularly as he could.

However, he found it hard to keep tabs on some of the other aspects of his diabetes care plan. “I didn’t know if I was eating a healthy diet, or how many calories I was burning every time I exercised,” he remembers. But the more serious issue was that he had difficulty monitoring his blood sugar regularly, a task that is crucial in managing diabetes. Despite his efforts, he wasn’t getting anywhere, and he worried that he wouldn’t be able to control his diabetes effectively.

Where recording his blood glucose levels and tracking his daily activities and meals had been a problem before, it was much easier to do now via the app. “The app was a good motivation for me to log in my information regularly because it kept reminding me to do so. From there onwards, using it soon became an integral part of my routine.”

Once he started entering the details of his diabetes-related data into the app, he began to see the patterns emerge, to see how his eating habits and physical activity affected his condition. 

It is common for people to think diabetes control needs one to completely give up eating certain foods, including ones that they like. Many are reluctant to make this move because it will compromise on their quality of life. On the contrary, managing your diabetes is about having a balanced diet, and eating healthy, nutritious food in controlled portions, depending upon your unique treatment needs. Portion control is a crucial factor in controlling both blood glucose and weight.

Rajendra firmly believes, “If you know you have something like diabetes, it is better to control your intake.” His method was to avoid or cut down on foods that were unsuitable for him as much as possible. So, he reduced much of his sugar consumption by taking his coffee or tea without it, and even avoiding any artificial sweeteners. In its place, he makes sure to include lots of fruits and salads in his diet, to meet his body’s energy requirements. 

And by following strict portion control, he found that he didn’t need to deprive himself of his favourite foods, including rice. His HbA1c levels, which were high before he started using the app, have significantly lowered, and his blood sugar levels have remained stable.

The feedback and health tips he received from the programme helped him streamline his habits, and instil a discipline about following his diabetes care plan. Today, he leads a happy, healthy, and active lifestyle.

*Name changed to protect patient privacy.
** Photo for representational purposes only.

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