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Shalini’s* achievement with the Wellthy Care programme: Blood sugar levels decreased to a stable 120 mg/dL from about 130-140 mg/dL. Her HbA1c levels came down as well from 7.4% to 7%. 

Shalini was diagnosed with diabetes about four years before she discovered the Wellthy programme in 2017. In the beginning, her blood sugar levels weren’t too high, and she was able to deal with it on her own.

Once she began using the Wellthy Care app, she found that its approach to tackling diabetes suited her in very specific ways thanks to its distinctive features.

What Shalini liked most about the Wellthy Care programme was that it guided her to manage her diabetes by carefully monitoring her lifestyle. She was able to log her details and track her meals, physical exercise, medication, and blood sugar levels. 

For Shalini, the most useful aspect of the app was that it was responsive and provided real-time coaching. “Whenever I entered information about the food that I ate or any activity that I did, I received immediate feedback,” she says. “The app tells you what you have done wrong, and how to correct it, and also what you are doing right. It truly guides you, and it is very helpful while planning your meals and activities.”

The app provided a regular analysis of her lifestyle and activities, and personalised recommendations about the changes that she could make to better manage her condition. The programme also helped her gain a thorough understanding of her condition through interactive lessons, tips, trivia, and quizzes. “By using this app, you can educate yourself about diabetes. It really increased my knowledge, and that helped me manage it so much better,” she said. 

What Shalini appreciated deeply was that the app coached you in an encouraging and positive manner when her blood sugar was high. “Even if your blood sugar levels are too high, the app doesn’t scare you. Instead, it alerts you, suggests possible reasons why it increased, and then coaches you on how you can bring it down again,” she explains. 

She feels that positive coaching is important because it doesn’t make you feel guilty if you happen to slip up in your diabetes management routine.

The same motivating and positive attitude was also why Shalini was happy with her Health Coach. During the programme, she was given several personalised recommendations by her Health Coach on how she could alter her lifestyle to better manage her blood sugar.

Shalini found that the biggest advantage of using a smartphone app to manage her condition was that it was extremely convenient and user-friendly. “Everything, all your diabetes information, is in one place on the app,” she explains. “It is so much easier to record all your details on the phone rather than writing everything in a notebook.” 

Moreover, you have all the information at hand, along with regular lifestyle reports, to show your doctor in your next appointment. This gives your doctor a good insight into your diabetes management routine, and they can advise you on how to proceed. “I am very happy with the app and programme,” Shalini says. 

Shalini’s experience is proof that when you have the motivation and the right tools, your diabetes management and your life can dramatically improve.

*Name changed to protect patient privacy.
** Photo for representational purposes only.

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